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Pine needle oil pr?ducts

"PINE NEEDLE" Treasure Trove of Human Health !

USDA accredited!

Red pine needle oil, accredited by the USDA after tests were conducted in approved laboratories and performed in compliance with EPA and FDA requirements in July 2004.
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Pine Needle Oil

Box with pine needle oil and 2 pieces of pine needle soap

A supplement for health.

Pine Needle oil is a rich antioxidant, documented to improve over 170 different health related conditions. Rich in chlorophyll and many of the building blocks necessary to support a healthy body. Each box contains 60 digestible capsules with a suggested intake of 1-2 a day.

Pine needle Soap w/ 100 Wild Fermented Plants w/extracted Enzymes

Our Pine Soap is a very high quality mild bar soap, which contains 100% Natural wild plants and pine needles, as well as Olive Oil, Camellia and Betaine.

Pine Needle SoapLive Pine is proud to be using wild grown plants with fermented enzymes to give an excellent anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant quality known for assisting in natrual face and body skin care. Our Pine needle oil soap with one hundred wild plants (Fermented) is only found and hand picked from wild crafter plant parts, high in the mountains. These wild plants are hand picked, formulated and then fermented to take the place of Nano Silver, which is usually added in other high end soaps for anti-bacterial purposes.

Maintaining all the valuable properties in the pine needles, our Pine Needle Oil Soap aids in acne and other skin problems. Helps to heal, clean, cleanse like no other regular bar soap! It contains 100% Pine Needle oil which is a proven antibacterial agent working to sterilize the skin. Combined with our Wild Plant Enzyme (Fermented), formula to add and preserve nutrients, this soap will keep your skin looking healthy and happy for years to come.

And remember at Live Pine "No" Preservatives, "No" Artifical colors, "No" Animal parts, "No" Chemicals and "No" Petroleum based ingredients!

Excellent high quality care for the face , body and soul!

Wild Plant Enzymes - 100 WILD Fermented Plants Liquid Meal™

Pine needle oil capsulesAnother product Livepine offers is this 38.8 oz. bottle of 100 Fermented wild crafter plants from the Yellow Emperor recipe from 1625 B.C. (Before Christ). This special blend of fruits, flowers, seeds, stems, bark, leaves, berries, and Pine needles, creates a Super Superior liquid meal with Pre Pro digested enzymes loaded with thousands of phyto nutrients. And only 35 calories per 70cc serving, this blend of the 100 wild crafted plants in fermentation gives a perfect Yin and Yang composition formula. This aids and helps build the right flora in the intestines for digestion balance.

The LivePine Wild Plant Enzyme products have numerous health benefits. Containing up to 100 times more health enhancing elements than cultivated plants due to environmental differences in soil, air, water, weather and other required elements for cultivation — LivePine 100 Wild Plant Liquid Meal™ is the ideal supplement to add to any daily health balancing program.

 Wild plant enzymes are derived from wild plants and fruits that occur naturally in the wild, and typically in the high mountainous recesses of their native growth regions. LivePine’s 100 Wild Plants Liquid Meal™ contain no artificial colors, preservatives or chemicals, nor are the plants chemically fermented. Rather, LivePine wild plant products are naturally fermented over a one to two year period. Wild plants and wild fruits inherently contain sufficient water resources, so it is not necessary for us to add water to our wild plant enzyme products – further maintaining the plants original integrity and health properties.  

Alternative medicine experts consider wild plant products to be the best healing remedy for aging illness, ulcers, allergies, body character change, nervousness, stress, and constipation. LivePine’s 100 Wild Plants Liquid Meal™ is the ideal supplement for cell generation, anti-aging, beauty, and weight management programs.

Daily intake recommendation: 1.) adults take one 50cc to 70cc daily with or without a meal: 2.) for overweight - two 50cc to 70cc without a meal: 3.) for under weight - one 50cc to 70cc 10 minutes before meal: 4.) and for normal weight - one 50cc to 70cc without a meal) Can be eaten as liquid meal or diluted with water. For the best quality, refrigerate after opening.

This page is intended for informational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products mentioned are not intended to accurately diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please always see your licensed health care professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Some testimonials in scientific and research journals refer to Pine Needle Oil as a product that has stimulated hair growth, thickened and even restored hair to it's original color!

Pine Needle oil can improve your health considerably.

Pine Needle oil should be taken regularly for 3 months to see noticeable results.

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