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Rick in hospital

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Pine Needle Oil Treatments For Wounds

By Roxanne Batson

My husband had a serious accident on a beautiful Sunday morning.  He was riding on his bicycle with 2 other bikers in a single file along the side of a quiet 4 lane road. It was daylight, but early morning.  A young man who was coming home after a night of drinking swerved slightly as he tried to drive in a straight line on the road.  He ran into the bikers, throwing all over the car and in the air - 30 feet some witnesses say.

They landed on the pavement. We believe their helmets saved their lives.  My husband was the first hit.  Luckily for us, although his injuries were very serious he will walk again after 8 weeks in leg casts and 3 months in a brace for his spine. What a relief!

On Tuesday, after we knew he was going to make it, I asked my husband if he would consider being part of a research project. I had read that scientist in Asia had documented the effect of pine needle oil on the treatment of wounds. According to the Medical Journals pine needle oil is both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. It was said to be highly effective in treating wounds so my husband agreed we could give it a try on his face since we were concerned about scarring. He agreed to let me document the progress. Following are the pictures of his progress and results. While I don't have pictures of how he looked the first and second day, I think you can see the improvement is significant.

Pine needle oil treatment  - stage 1

Tuesday, right side of face before treatment

Pine needle oil treatment  - stage 2

Wednesday, 2 nd day of treatment

Pine Needle Oil treatment  - stage 3

Thursday, 3 rd day of treatment

Pine Needle Oil treatment  - stage 4

Saturday, 4 th day of treatment

Pine Needle Oil treatment  - stage 5

Tuesday, before treatment

Pine Needle Oil treatment  - stage 6

Wednesday, 2nd day treatment

Pine Needle Oil treatment  - stage 7

Thursday, 3 rd day treatment

Pine Needle Oil treatment  - stage 8

Saturday, 4 th day treatment

Rick- fully recovered from head wounds

Rick- fully recovered from head wounds

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