Easy to Make Vitamin C Elixir

Easy to Make Vitamin C Elixir
Hello Live Pine customers,
Today I am going to share with you an EASY to make alternative for things such as the Vitamin C tablets you can purchase from the store. This elixir is so important because we are currently in cold and flu season, and one of the best defenses we have is real vitamin c. And NO, I am not talking about the popular additive ascorbic acid used to replace real raw vitamin c. This recipe is the REAL DEAL straight from nature. And best of all it is easy to make!
All you need is:
1 medium sized pot with lid
3 Lemons
3 Oranges
Ground Cinnamon
Enough drinking quality water to submerge all the ingredients (about 6 cups of water)
  • I like to slice the lemons and oranges making them into O shaped pieces. Leave the peels on. But do whatever shape makes sense to you.
  • Bring the water to a boil
  • Once boiling, add the oranges & lemons to the water and bring it down to a simmer.
  • Cover the pot and let simmer for 10 minutes (the water should get a little thicker)
  • Turn the heat off and let cool
  • Once the lemons and oranges are safe to touch, squeeze them gently to release the juices.
  • Discard the now squeezed orange and lemon pieces
  • Either drink immediately or store in a glass container in the fridge.
  • With every serving, add a dash of cinnamon to the glass. I usually take it as a shooter from a shot glass or small drinking glass.
Remember vitamin c works alongside vitamin d, so make sure you also head outside and absorb it directly from the sun for about 15-30 minutes a day. Now, I know it can be difficult to leave the house during these times, but, you really should work getting out in the sun into your daily routine. Go for a walk, begin your home workout with a brisk walk or jog around the neighborhood or simply sit on the porch and read a book. Taking care of yourSELF should always be a priority especially if you want to avoid getting invaded by a nasty bacteria or virus.
If you try this for yourself, let us know how you liked it. I personally have been adding this into my weekly health regime for the last 2 winters and I am thankful for its benefits and for helping to keep me cold and flu free.