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Live Pine.com, is the original Knowledge keeper of longevity with the use of Pine needle oil and health education in the proper use in the USA and Korea. Live Pine was the first importer (2004) and health distributor of the Superior Red Pine needle oil, AKA, Korean Pine needle oil, Japanese Pine needle oil (Pinus Densiflora) dedicated to producing the highest quality Organic Wild Crafted Grown Pine and Fermented Health Products, at competitive and whole sale prices at the performance levels our customers require.

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Red Pine Needle Oil and the fermented skate liver oil helps activate the pineal gland which helps the frequency output

From Happy Customers

I have suffered from Asthma and many other chronic health conditions including Lyme disease for over 20 years and I have probably used and experimented with over 50 different supplements to alleviate my symptoms. When I tried the pine needle oil capsules and liquid drops I experienced a great sense of focus and well being and it has helped my symptoms tremendously. If you currently have Lyme disease along with co-infections you will understand what a herxheimer reaction is and in my experience when a supplement is powerful you will have this reaction as the spirochetes, bacteria, viruses, parasites and yeast die off. The pine needle oil did initially cause a herxheimer reaction which is a sign of its powerful cleansing and healing properties. I had to start slow and eventually worked my way up to 3 capsules 3x a day with food and 12 drops of the oil 3x a day held under my tongue for 2 minutes on an empty stomach. When I was able to handle this high amount of dosing the effects on my mind and body were tremendous and much more powerful than all the other supplements I have tried to alleviate my symptoms. I believe this is most likely due to the turpentine component of the oil (pinus densiflora) which is not the same as the cheaper gum spirits pine oil (pinus elliotti.) If you suffer from any of the ailments I've mentioned this Live Pine needle oil may be the godsend you have been looking for.
Chris Duck
Wow, I was suffering from candida and hormonal imbalance which had caused my skin to break out SO BAD. Like all over my cheeks, chin, jawline and NECK! EW. I was suggested to use the Red Pine Needle oil in addition to the Wild Plant Enzymes to combat the imbalance in my gut- which caused the breakout to begin with. Within the first week I could tell a MAJOR difference. My digestion had improved slightly and my skin was actually improving. I had less pianful cystic zits and more ready to pop white heads. After 2 weeks I was really seeing a difference. I will share my photos with the Longevity Blog - So look there for more reference. I am still combating the damage I had done to my gut from binge drinking and not caring for my body but now that I am back on track, taking my supplements and eating right I am confident that this in addition to the plant enzymes will really fix this issue for me. Thank you Live Pine! I am a customer for life.
Renee M.Oakland, CA
First off don’t buy from Optimally Organic it’s watered down that’s why I started buying LivePine, it’s a long story. I would be Dead from a MRSA infection if this RPNO didn’t exist there is no other Antibiotic on Earth like it and the Medical field tried killing Me with the Strongest they had Vancomycin & cutting off body parts. I could write a book on this but I’m not going too. Livepine.com RPNO is authentic & a God send and the service U get by Steve at Live Pine is well I gave Him the Nickname (Flash). If U can’t tolerate RPNO out of the bottle then get it in the GelCaps. God Bless America & Natural is best
Douglas Mulder
In 2017 at 21 years old, I had a concussion that triggered early on set Meniere's Disease. Meniere's Disease causes sudden, unprovoked attacks of severe, disabling vertigo, nausea, along with experiencing sensations of pressure in the ears, tinnitus, roaring and at times hearing loss. When I was first diagnosed with this and started to learn how to live with meniere's Disease, I felt that my life was over. Continuing my university studies was a constant battle with nausea and vomiting attacks and trying to hear my professor with this unique hearing condition seemed impossible, making my dreams of attending medical school in the future appear to disappear. Additionally with meniere's, I started having headaches on a routine basis and at time would turn into migraines. After a year with living with meniere's sdisease, I was 22 years old and I felt like I was 60. My passions started to take a back burn and with constant nausea, I quickly started to gain weight with not being able to exercise due to the nausea I would be experience and vertigo, chronic fatigue started to become an issue and soon started to feel like my life was over. When over at a friends house, she suggested I try this Red Pine Needle Oil. She knew my struggle over the years and saw this downhill battle. Over the years, I did my own research and found various diet suggestions to manage which helped with some symptoms, but the constant daily, even hourly, nausea, migraines and headaches, slow energy despite sleeping over 9-16 hours a day, I was desperate and eager to try anything to help improve my health. The first time I tried the pine needle oil I thought the taste was bitter but after my friend showing me some research articles that pine needle oil has been found to help combat meniere's and seeing how high energy she was, with not being a caffeine consumer, she gave me my first bottle. Within 20 days of having a few drops a day, I didn’t have my weekly migraine and my nausea greatly improved. Within 30, the pressure and ringing I would have in my ears was greatly elevated. I got my second bottle of pine needle oil and continued with my daily drops. In less than 60 days, the battle I had been fighting for, for the last 3 years of migraines, vertigo attacks, constant nausea, hearing loss episodes, fatigue, was offset by the pine needle oil. In addition, the pine needle oil also helped reduce anxiety and greatly helped my metabolism and I noticed not only some weight loss, but the toning of my stomach and the fat on my body seem to shed! Unfortunately my friend and supplier moved away, and life happened. Due to using the pine needle oil, most of my most deliberating symptoms went away and I actually thought the only symptom I would experience would be some nausea and pressure in my ears, and I thought my condition was improving, if not going away! After not using the pine needle oil for about a 3 month period, all of my terrible symptoms of returned, along with migraines on a regular basis and other negative health related problems. Thankfully, my friend returned and I started my use of pine needle oil again. In less than a month of taking 2-5 drops of pine needle oil, my ears thank me and I am able to live the life I want to live. I do not experience the painful symptoms that is felt with meniere's, it's a huge preventive in my headaches and migraines, greatly reduces my nausea, boost my energy level and helps my anxiety, along with aiding in slimming my stomach and overall toning. I am very grateful for pine needle oil and highly encourage everyone to see what a difference it can make in their lives as well. Love you guys! Guinevere .
Guinevere DavenportKailua-Kona, HI
I have found the Live Pine to be essential part of my wellness protocol, particularly with regards to cleansing maintenance of my digestive system.
Sa RaSaugus, CA