From adolescents to adults, from the campus to the marketplace, young and old alike are awed by the seemingly miraculous effects of Pine Needle Oil and Pine Needle Soap. Reports of common skin problems ranging from oiliness, dry dead skin, dry skin with itchiness and pimple scars, and the resulting healthy, beautiful and young skin remedied by the intake of Pine Needle Oil and the use of Pine Needle Soap specially the 100% Nano Silver Pine Soap, is causing an uproar among Koreans who have benefited from the Solnara products.

Some of the results reported are oily to balanced skin, dead dry skin to renewed skin, dryness with itching to smooth, shiny skin and pimple scars to whitened skin. For some, using Solnara products, which are priced just a little more than the over-the-counter and network marketed skin treatment products, is worth the investment because it gives them the desired results as well as a sense of well-being and a healthy outlook.

Students, specially, appreciate their minimized expenses on skincare products, so much so that they end up promoting Pine Needle Soap to their friends and relatives.

Young college men testified that taking Pine Needle Oil saved them from hangovers after drinking alcoholic beverages in campus, while weight conscious young women reported weight loss by as much as 7 lbs. after taking the product. They claimed it's due to its fat dissolving properties.

Discover the Amazing Power of PINE NEEDLE Oil !


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Other Written Testimonials:

First off don’t buy from Optimally Organic it’s watered down that’s why I started buying LivePine, it’s a long story. I would be Dead from a MRSA infection if this RPNO didn’t exist there is no other Antibiotic on Earth like it and the Medical field tried killing Me with the Strongest they had Vancomycin & cutting off body parts. I could write a book on this but I’m not going too. LivePine RPNO is authentic & a God send and the service U get by Steve at LivePine is well I gave Him the Nickname (Flash). If U can’t tolerate RPNO out of the bottle then get it in the GelCaps. God Bless America & Natural is best

Douglas Mulder

I have suffered from Asthma and many other chronic health conditions including Lyme disease for over 20 years and I have probably used and experimented with over 50 different supplements to alleviate my symptoms. When I tried the pine needle oil capsules and liquid drops I experienced a great sense of focus and well being and it has helped my symptoms tremendously. If you currently have Lyme disease along with co-infections you will understand what a herxheimer reaction is and in my experience when a supplement is powerful you will have this reaction as the spirochetes, bacteria, viruses, parasites and yeast die off. The pine needle oil did initially cause a herxheimer reaction which is a sign of its powerful cleansing and healing properties. I had to start slow and eventually worked my way up to 3 capsules 3x a day with food and 12 drops of the oil 3x a day held under my tongue for 2 minutes on an empty stomach. When I was able to handle this high amount of dosing the effects on my mind and body were tremendous and much more powerful than all the other supplements I have tried to alleviate my symptoms. I believe this is most likely due to the turpentine component of the oil (pinus densiflora) which is not the same as the cheaper gum spirits pine oil(pinus elliotti.) If you suffer from any of the ailments I've mentioned this pine needle oil may be the godsend you have been looking for.

Chris Duck

Wow, I was suffering from candida and hormonal imbalance which had caused my skin to break out SO BAD. Like all over my cheeks, chin, jawline and NECK! EW. I was suggested to use the Red Pine Needle oil in addition to the Wild Plant Enzymes to combat the imbalance in my gut- which caused the breakout to begin with. Within the first week I could tell a MAJOR difference. My digestion had improved slightly and my skin was actually improving. I had less pianful cystic zits and more ready to pop white heads. After 2 weeks I was really seeing a difference. I will share my photos with the Longevity Blog - So look there for more reference. I am still combating the damage I had done to my gut from binge drinking and not caring for my body but now that I am back on track, taking my supplements and eating right I am confident that this in addition to the plant enzymes will really fix this issue for me. Thank you Live Pine! I am a customer for life.

Renee M.

Great pine needle product. I recently purchased another bottle and it was lost in the mail and they promptly sent me another bottle.

Josh Gutowsky

I bought the Live Pine bar soap at the Carlsbad Holistic Living Expo. I bought it for my acne to see if it would clear up. I had tried proactive, that didn't work, I tried nature's cure, which worked for a while, I tried other expensive dr. products that just didn't help me at all, and I even tried an acne laser treatment called Levulan and IPL (Intense Pulsed Laser) which cost me $1500! The last products I was using before Live Pine was irritating my skin, making it so dry and even burn when i would wash my face! I thought I would try live pine for a week and see how it would do with my breakouts and clear up my dry skin from this product. Within a week my skin was healthier, no longer dry, and after that week I started to see my skin clear up, and before I knew it, my acne was clearing up! I couldn't believe it! And this tiny bar of soap lasted me 2-3 months, I need to get more! I love this stuff! Most of all what I love about Live Pine is how natural and gentle it is!

Briana M , USA

I have tried the red pine oil soap on my husband (oily skin) and son (keeps a rash). My husband is won over completely as I was so shocked that he actually is willing to switch from his old faithful "Dial" to a "natural" bar, WOW! Now that is saying something folks!! My son's rash is clearing up too; he loves the pine oil soap. He had a friend stay the night who washed with the soap and he also loved it. You just feel sooo clean afterward. I will be trying the pine oil caps. next...

Cherie, Texas, USA

I have loved the soap. It's lather is terrific and very moisturizing.

Betsy A., age 35

I started using the capsules but broke out soon after. I thought I was allergic so I stopped taking it.  Then later I learned it was a sign of healing.  I started back by using the soap first. I broke out, but a little less.  After 3 days it was gone.

I then started taking the capsules one per day and increased it to two per day after 3 weeks.  It has made a huge difference in my circulation and tremendously increased my energy level over a period of time. Suddenly one day, after 6 weeks use, I just realized I felt better and was able to do more things without tiring. My husband has used it for 7 weeks now and didn't feel much the first 4 weeks, but he now agrees he also feels more energetic, which is really nice for a change!

Roxanne B, age 48, Alabama, USA

I never washed my face with soap because I was told that it takes 7 to 10 hours for the skin to recuperate from the damaging effects. Being rather septic, I tried the pine soap half heartedly as an experiment to prove this was all nonsense, but I was quite amazed after a couple of days that the couple of dry spots I had on both sides of my nose and the one above the bridge of my nose have disappeared.

Ruud V., age 47, Belgium

My grandma is 73 years old and she has inherited high blood pressure and diabetes. Not long ago she had a blood test. Her blood pressure was persistently at a very high level, and she found it very hard to lower her blood pressure. Knowing her condition, her friend told grandma that pine needle oil could lessen diabetes and introduced her this product.

Out of our expectations, pine needle oil has a really apparent result on diabetes. Our family is really happy about this, and we feel that the best kind of medicine is a natural food product that can improve pathological conditions.

Mrs. Chan, age 48, Korea

"I skeptically started using Pine Needle Soap three weeks ago to remedy my atopy skin.
To my surprise, it actually worked! My atopy skin is significantly reduced and my fine lines are disappearing."

Connie, age 30, USA

"I love how easy it is to use Pine Soap. I carry it with me so I can use it any time. The lines are much less noticeable around my eyes and since I've been using Pine Needle Oil, people think I look 10 years younger!"

Regina Stewart, age 37, USA

I have been using Pine Soap for the past 3 months. This soap is a miracle. It helps to eliminate spider veins, heals cuts on skin, improves circulation and helps dry skin... I have informed all my friends of this miracle soap. I am a firm believer in this wonder product...

Silvia, age 35, Germany

"Pine soap is the best soap I have ever used.  I have recommended it to all my family and friends.  My skin is soft and heals quickly from blemishes.  I can't go a day without it.
It has made a great improvement in my niece who has eczema and my cousin who has acne."


In the short time I have used Pine Soap I am so delighted in the look of my skin.
My husband also uses it and HE is very satisfied in the way his face feels and has been free of the itching that he has been dealing with for over two years...

M.G. Korea

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your skin product, Pine Soap ...
My husband loved it also, so, I had to share it with him. We are both SOLD on it. We are outdoors a lot... This soap is the best one that we have found to use after an intense day in the sun. I will share your brochure with my family and friends. Thanks for sharing your product!!!!

D.W. - South Carolina  

I just started using your soap 3 days ago and already I have seen the results. I just recommended your soap to 5 of my friends and they liked it. Thank you so much."

Christina - California


Rick in hospital

...on Tuesday, after we knew he was going to make it, I asked my husband if he would consider being part of a research project. I had read that scientists in Asia had documented the effect of pine needle oil on the treatment of wounds. According to the Medical Journals, pine needle oil is both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. It was said to be highly effective ...

Amazing testimonial of treatment with images of a healing process after a heavy car accident which involved the husband of Roxanne Batson, staff member of the livepine Team.

Read and see this with your own eyes!

Hi Steve,

I apologize for the delay in getting these testimonials out to you.  The appointment for the x-ray for my dog's belly kept getting put back.  The machine was broken.  They were out of developing fluid.  Finally, I got a call last week that my dog was scheduled for an x-ray this morning.  I brought her into my vet's office.  There was no record of the appointment in the book!  I can take a hint.  I have now decided that the x-ray isn't necessary, that she is indeed cancer-free.

OK, here you go:

My dog:  The x-ray of my dog's abdomen showed a large tumor wrapped around her spleen and possibly her liver.  The vet estimated my dog would be gone in six weeks.  She is 14 years old.  I didn't want to put her through surgery, so I opted for a natural treatment regimen.  My vet introduced us to Pine Power Gold.  Three months later, I believe this product is a large part of why my dog is cancer-free.  One month into treatment, the vet was unable to find the tumor when she placed her hands on my dog.  My dog now jumps up into the back of my car instead of allowing herself to be slowly led up the ramp I'd borrowed when she was diagnosed.  No one can believe she was a cancer dog just a few months ago.  She has the energy of a puppy whenever there's a squirrel who needs to be chased.  She had a digestive upset a few weeks back.  The vet suggested I temporarily take her off all her supplements.  She suddenly became an old dog: lethargic, unable to jump into the back of the car, and very sad.  I returned the Pure Pine Power to her diet the next day, and all of her energy and enthusiasm for life returned.  Highest possible recommendation!  

Me:  When I was ordering Pine Power Gold for my dog, Steve (Pine Man) suggested that I start taking the product.  I'm recovering from a series of strokes and had limited movement in my left arm.  The day after I took my first capsule, I had more movement in my left arm than I've had in the past 17 months.  Two weeks into treatment, my arm slowly continues to get stronger.  The circles under my eyes I'd had for the past seven years are gone.  People tell me my hair looks shinier and I look well-rested, which is interesting as I've had challenges with sleep.  I'm looking forward to seeing what happens as I raise my daily dose.  I've tried many nutritional supplements, but this is different than anything else I've come across.  At age 60, I feel like I've found the fountain of youth!  

Thanks so much, Steve, for working with my friend Gina to make it possible for her to afford the product.  I have a really good feeling about her taking the product; she's already telling me her craving for sweets is diminishing; she still wants them, but she can limit her consumption to one or two spoonfuls.  Your kindness is much, much appreciated!

Let me know if I can do anything else for you.

Many blessings,




I Had a problem with toenail fungus that I couldn't get rid of on my left large toe. I put 2 drops of Live Pine oil on it, and it looked better the next day. I put a drop on it 3-4 times a day for 2 weeks, and the fungus is completely gone. My toenail is normal in size, shape and color now. ~ Linda LePelley, RN, NMT


Thank You Live Pine for introducing one of nature’s great assets: the Pine Needle Oil product. As an Aviator, I eat energetic and clean nutrients like my life depends on it! Researching and discovering genuine Companies to trust and rely on for attention to detail tactics from their procurement to production is what separates good products from GREAT products. The Pine Needle Oil health benefits speak for themselves and are realized promptly with skin rejuvenation accounting to its Alpha Lipoic acid content. Every once in a while a Company is courageous enough to take action and place itself in an exceptional category with an understanding and commitment to Customer Service; LIVE PINE is this kind of organization. I will keep coming back!

I have been taking your live pine formula orally for a couple weeks now and am amazed how powerful it is; thank you.

I am a painter in the Oakland area specializing in Sumi and mexhica work 

I was curious if you ever have factory tours?



I'm so thankful

I can't begin to tell you how gratefull I am to have found Livepine. I have been using it since mid 2020, and the overall increase in my general health was noticeable within a few weeks. My initial purpose for it's use was for decalcification properties, especially of the Pineal, and I can't begin to tell you the increase in activity during my meditation sessions. I love this product for it's results. Everything mentioned on this website about benefits is absolute truth. My overall health is fortunately good, the addition of Livepine to my regiment has super charged my immune system, other then a mildly soar throat for maybe a couple days, I have not been sick since using Livepine. Steve thank you, your service and knowledge is amazing and hank you for the product you deliver.

 Stefan C.












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