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1. What is benefit of red pine needle oil?

It is rich in Rutin and other compounds which are strong antioxidants that prevent damage to cells in the body.

There are two kinds of oxygen in the human body - 95% is good oxygen that converts food to energy by burning action; another 5% is bad oxygen that rusts cells similarly as oxygen rusts iron.

This bad oxygen is generated by normal food processing in the body. It also comes from environmental factors driven by psychological, physical, and chemical stress.

The human body has a self-defense system against this bad oxygen. Antioxidants strengthens this defense system and reduce the bad oxygen that causes the aging of the organs and the skin.

2. Are there any scientific data and information about health benefit of pine needle?

We found close to one-hundred master thesis', doctorial desertations, international journal papers and books related to Pine Neddle Oil. This is a sample at Resources, we will publish more authors, journals and abstracts in future.

Many harmful carcinogenic and mutagenic agents are produced by the by products of our modern living which cause environmental pollution and consequently severe degenerative and auto immune diseases in humans, animals and plant life..

It is essential to find very effective anti mutagenic compounds with potent healing powers for the treatment of cancer and these other diseases. Pine needle from the red pine trees is an ancient remedy used over many generations for its very strong anti degenerative and anti cancerous properties

3. How long is the Cleansing Reaction during adaptation period?

When you use our pine needle oil and soap, you will have 1~2 weeks adaptation period.

Some users don't experience any cleansing reaction at all. When you experience some symptoms, don't be surprised because they will disappear in few days.

The appearance of these symptoms in 1~3 months usage depends on the body character and toxic/waste level of users.

You can reduce dosage and increase normal dosage after passing these symptoms.

Symptom can be rash, sleepiness, pain in joint or injured parts, blister in lip, diarrhea, heartburn, stomach ache in case of ulcer, flue like symtom.

More information on Cleansing Reaction

Because pine oil soap has a natural ingredient that can pull waste, toxin, and fat out from under the skin, you may experience tiny pimples temporarily.

In that case, there is no need to get rid of the tiny pimples by squeezing. Just use steam towel to make your face smooth and the tiny pimples will go away.

4. How do I properly store pine needle soap?

Because our soaps don't use chemical hardener which other soaps use, it can become soft or melt easily.

This can be a shortcoming of 100% natural soaps, but actually it is good for skin.

If you place thin sponge under our soaps, it can prevent melting by getting rid of moisture.

Because our soap has a strong moisturizer, it sucks moisture from air and you can see dew in our soap.

This expensive plant-derived moisturizer prevents dryness in your skin.

Our soaps don't use artificial colors. The natural color may change to orange as time goes by. It is proof of its being a 100% natural soap.

Our soaps don't use chemical surface active agent that makes a lot of foam and bubble. These agents reduce surface tension of water and get rid of dirt and fat but give stress to skin. Our soaps users testify quick cleanness after washing face by natural ingredients.

5. How many oil capsules are needed in mixing it with lotion or skin conditioner?

1 capsule per 100 ml lotion or skin is recommended because this one oil capsule is extracted from 1 KG of pine needle.

Using soap in shower weekly is good. Also, applying pine oil to pimple spots or problem skins or infected area such as ear, athletic foot, and fungus can be good.

Puncture soft gel capsule with a pin and use one drop. Soft gel will close hole automatically. You can use rest later.