“Live Pine” = Live a Long Time”

“Eco Friendly, Sustainable, and Green American Approved, With  Fair Trade, and the environment in Our Mind"
We guarantee the highest level of social, ecological and processing quality.

Live Pine.com, is the original Knowledge keeper of longevity with the use of Pine needle oil and health education in the proper use in the USA and Korea. Live Pine was the first importer (2004) and health distributor of the Superior Red Pine needle oil, AKA, Korean Pine needle oil, Japanese Pine needle oil (Pinus Densiflora) dedicated to producing the highest quality Organic Wild Crafted Grown Pine and Fermented Health Products, at competitive  and whole sale prices at the performance levels our customers require.  The health consciousness, purity and availability and  any health concerns of our customers is our 1st priority and we always offer over the phone consulting  because our vast knowledge in health & longevity. We understand the importance of educating and discovering natural remedies for our customers and help aid in minor to serious health issues. Its will always be a life long education and great journey we as leaders enjoy. Health is the most important key to your life.

P. S. “The Pine tree is the antenna to the universe, it brings energy from the cosmos.” God Bless

Green America Green Business Approval for
responsible sustainable business practices. The Green America Approved seal is given to
applicant businesses that operate in ways that support workers, communities, and protect the

‘We are honored to be recognized by such a credible organization for our commitment to a strong
socially and environmentally responsible approach to business, said Steve Mason, head of U.S.
operations for WMN Health Group
Our organization is proud to join and contribute to the network
of conscientious Green America members, who are each leading the way to a sustainable, healthier planet.