Healing Acne by Healing your Gut

Healing Acne by Healing your Gut
My acne story:
My face was red,bumpy, puss filled, inflamed-you name it! I had it all but the blackheads. I put myself through this for about 5 months. Then I had finally hit a breaking point and decided ENOUGH was enough. I I had lost so much confidence and money while on my binge I was ready for my old life back. Only, I would soon find out that this was a long road of recovery for my body, skin, and my Self. During my binge I had developed horrible digestion and given myself a candida overgrowth. Plus my hormones were ALL out of whack from drinking so much alcohol for so long. So my acne ranged from the middle of the side of my cheeks all the way to my upper neck.
While I was going through my binge, I had neglected to take my daily supplements, consisting of Red Pine Needle oil, Wild Plant Enzymes, and Miracle Salt. Mind you, before this huge binge, I had been taking these 3 things since I was about 14. And never in my life have I EVER had such horrible acne. Yes I had an occasional pimple but this was a WHOLE different animal.
So naturally when I decided that I needed to get this under control, I started back up on my routine and things began to change. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. But trust me when I say it wasn't easy or quick! It took me about 6 months to fully clear my acne and even then I was dealing with slight scarring and I still have issues with my uneven complexion.
The reason all three of these items are so good for helping those who struggle with acne is whats inside. Each one of these amazing products has so much to offer. With little to no side effects. They might not work as quickly as an acne medication, but, they do resolve the bigger issues that cause the acne. Rather than just treating the acne and ignoring the elephant in the room.
Watch the Video I created that explains just WHAT I did and WHY it worked for me and how it should work for you too.