Guardian Angel Acupuncture

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"Guardian Angel Acupuncture"   KHT Hand Held Acupuncture Device (Retails 149.00) Relieves Chronic Pain by  pressing unit on acupressure points on the hand. Imagine how much more  healthier you would be...

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"Guardian Angel Acupuncture"


KHT Hand Held Acupuncture Device (Retails 149.00)

Relieves Chronic Pain by  pressing unit on acupressure points on the hand.

Imagine how much more  healthier you would be if you had
acupuncture therapy every day!

Like having a one time doctor payment for life.

STIMULATES 345 POINTS OF PRESSURE IN THE HAND. Comes with Hand chart sheet.


The Guardian Angel Acupuncture produces the same benefits of traditional acupuncture without a costly visit to the Doctor or the use of needles.

Can also be used on all the numerous pressure points on the body.

The Guardian Angel creates an interaction between the brain and each organ. Helps bridge metabolic pathways in the body.

By squeezing the GA in your hand the small precise tip or the protrusion sends an impulse to the brain to check the organ that is related to that particular point in the hand.

Illustrated material available for learning pressure points in the hand.

The brain produces the EXACT amount of chemicals needed to repair and strengthen that organ.

If you squeeze the GA for 20 to 30 minutes a day you have WORKED OUT each organ in the body, organs are muscle, they strengthen when stimulated. We go to the gym to work out our muscles meanwhile our organs are aging, they are getting weak and saggy. 20 minutes a day with the GA is equal to an hour work out on every organ, it also stimulates our muscular system so your getting a full work out.

This is how we regain health, a healthy strong organ functions to it's optimum peak, disease is caused by weak organ function which creates a lack of proper chemical production. Every organ needs to be strong for a body to stay in balance and to prevent disease. Many people over come disease states by strengthening certain organs that are wreaked by disease.

The Guardian Angel is made with layers of Mineral Stone Powder, Ion Alloy and plated with gold to ensure the tips will not puncture the skin. It has a spring loaded tip for added specific point therapies.
Details: The Guardian Angel is the original Korean Hand Therapy acupressure device. Plating with 24K gold prevents germs, bacteria and puncturing the skin. Its design enables the Guardian Angel to have precise points to activate all 344 points on the hand just by gently squeezing it, precisely pressing the pressure points on the hand that correspond to the organs or rolling it on your hand.

The Guardian Angel helps eliminate chronic pain, prevents and helps aiding against arthritis, headaches, colds, stroke, diabetes, heart disease, circulation, and circulatory system.

The Guardian Angel used regularly may:

  • Increase Energy
  • revive brain cells
  • Improve memory
  • Strengthen Blood Circulation
  • Control Blood Pressure
  • Stimulate youthful skin and healthy appearance
  • Vertigo, Headaches, Migraines
  • Tones Muscles and Organs
  • Warms the Hands and Feet
  • Relieves stiff neck, shoulders, joints and muscle spasms
  • increase blood flow
  • Promotes sound sleep
  • Increases metabolism
  • Strengthens system against disease

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Christopher
Can't Live without it!

Love, Love Love my Guardian Angel! I carry it and use it always! Definately helps with many ailments and provides overall comfort and good feeling!

be careful with it!

I love my guardian angel, it relieves tension in my hands and I feel it all over my body. I say be careful because the pokey things will chip. After being in my backpack, unprotected 2 of the spokes chipped, but it still feels and works well. 5/5 if it came with a convenient case or didn't chip. Still great for what it's worth. Definitely recommend!