Miracle Herbal Therapy Clay Packs (MOXBUSTION HEAT)

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Miracle Herbal Therapy Clay Packs That heat up for up to 7 hours (Purification at the finest ingredients) Available in single packs or a quantity of (20ea.) Box. -- Miracle Herbal...

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Miracle Herbal Therapy Clay Packs That heat up for up to 7 hours (Purification at the finest ingredients)

Available in single packs or a quantity of (20ea.) Box.


Miracle Herbal Therapy Clay contain Herbal energy and the precise amount of heat will condition Dan Jun, the sea of energy ( Ki )  which prevents and helps the unbalance of your body, like Cramps, Diarrhea, Constipation, Hemorrhoid, and other various aches and pain just by placing the pack right below your navel and other areas of the body.  You may apply Herbal Pack Therapy TM  to other important acupuncture points and aching areas for other issues.

Herbal Pack Therapy TM   can also be used for Reducing the size of lower belly, Prevention of cold, Muscle aches, Arthritis, Carpal tunnel, Knee pain, Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Back pain, and etc.

Hours of continuous herbal heat therapy will bring you comfort, joy, happiness, balance, harmony, and natural healing power into your body and life!!!

Herbal Pack Therapy TM   provides amazing herbal therapy to the most important area of the body to treat and prevent pain and other physical problems.
Herbal Pack Therapy TM  contains ingredients that have been proven to work for thousands of years for various symptoms in Oriental Medicine.

How to use:


  1. Open the outer package and hold the Herbal Pack Therapy TM  lightly, then shake it for about 10 seconds.
  2. Squeeze the Herbal Pack Therapy TM  lightly a few times.
  3. Place the Herbal Pack Therapy TM   below your navel or other areas of pain.
  4. (Change the location the pack frequently in order to avoid discomfort or burns.)
  5. Enjoy the warmth of the Herbal Pack Therapy TM  while it works to balance the blood, energy, and lymph circulation to re-gain the “Natural Healing Power.”
  6. If the Herbal Pack Therapy TM  gets cold, just give it a few squeeze to revive the heat.*   Be sure not to squeeze too hard.  It might cause the tear of the package.

Contents are environmentally safe, nontoxic and disposable with normal trash.  
Warning: Herbal Pack Therapy TM  could cause a serious burn if it were exposed to bare skin for a long time. Use with caution.

Caution:  For external use only.  Do not place Herbal Pack Therapy TM  directly on skin, heat may cause burns. Do not use during sleep, with infants, on frostbite and on desensitized skin.  Remove Herbal Pack Therapy TM immediately from applied area if it becomes uncomfortably hot.  Keep out of reach of children, use careful supervision if Herbal Pack Therapy TM  is used by children, elderly or handicapped people.  Do not open inner pack.  If contents comes into contact with skin, mouth or eyes, flush instantly with cold water and consult a physician.  The pack won’t be effective if wet.

Do not eat or drink.  Do not use Herbal Pack Therapy TM  in front or near fire, heater, or with an electric blanket. Live Pine is not responsible for any accident caused by negligence on the part of the user(s) of the Herbal Pack Therapy TM .  Keep away from the reach of children.  Do not damage or temper Herbal Pack Therapy TM . Keep in a cool and shaded area.


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The Healing Herbal Clay Packs have helped take away the pain in my back so I can get a deep sound sleep ... they have really helped...