Tips to Keep you Safe from Covid-19

Tips to Keep you Safe from Covid-19

While thousands of folks sit around in their homes waiting for the end all cure all, popularly known as the Covid-19 Vaccine, thinking to themselves that by doing so they are doing all they can to help prevent the contraction of the ‘Rona. There are pioneers in the health education world out here trying to educate you and disarm the fear brought on by what you may be hearing on mainstream media sources. Read on to discover impactful pointers on how to help keep your immune system healthy and working accurately. 

Pointer #1 Eat Like your Life Depends on it (because in a huge way, it does)

Most of us are eating to survive or to quench a craving, giving little to no thought on how these foods could be harming our immune systems. And this alarms me! Because what we eat is SO important for keeping yourself healthy. Eating with intention should definitely be the new narrative. Why? The immune system falters and can more easily overlook foreign pathogens  coming to harm us. So make sure you’re stocked up on all vitamins, fats, minerals, proteins, and the other vital nutrients. This gives you a much stronger team of pathogen fighting cells arriving at the scene when a bacteria or virus is attempting to  invade your body. 

Watch a video explaining immunity and diet that I found helpful. 


Pointer #2 Get Some Sun (Vitamin D)

Vitamin D is absorbed through the skin from the sun. Combine Vitamin D with a healthy diet and you’ll have much more luck with scaring off any virus, such as Covid-19. Just 15-20 minutes a day should get your levels up to an appropriate level. Plus, adequate Vitamin D leads to more melatonin production giving you better nights of sleep. Good sleep means we are able to handle stress better and our bodies can recharge efficiently thus leading to a strong immune system and a calm mind. 

Learn more about Vitamin D and its immune boosting abilities in this video by Dr. Shiva, an immunity expert I highly believe in. 

Pointer #3 Connect with Loved Ones (Be social)

Social distancing is doing more than potentially protecting you from Covid-19. It potentially could be weakening your immune system. What could I mean? Well, let's just say that science backs up the notion that humans NEED human interaction in order for survival. Social interaction actually has been known to strengthen a person's overall life force and allows for a healthier immune system. So make sure even when we’re being told to stay away from those we love, that you take time to connect. Use a video chat system to call some cousins, or phone up a friend. Make a point each day to connect genuinely with someone (pets work amazingly for those who are more anti social) because this tiny little tweak to your life could just save you from falling ill.


Pointer #4 Move your Body (Get your blood pumping)

Physical activity can be difficult to do under these current living conditions, I get that. But, I also think that when there's a will there's a way. Start off slow, be patient with yourself, and find an activity you are (honestly) going to stick with. For example, I used to be VERY active, went to the gym a few times a week, walked everywhere, and I used to dance for fun. Once the pandemic hit it was hard for me to even leave the couch. But I got my shit together and decided that I was worth more than to waste away watching shows and munching on snacks all day. When I decided that I was going to begin a workout routine I started with 10 minutes a day and worked my way up to 15. I now feel like I want to workout for even longer. ‘Cus you know how it is, it's always more fun once you begin to grow stronger. Blood flow is how oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the parts of the body that need it. So you never want to  skimp on keeping your heart pumping strongly, you need the circulatory system running smoothly to sustain optimal health.

Need inspiration? Check out these incredible trainers that can help you from the comfort of your own home                                        

Pointer #5 Breathe (Release your tensions)

Stress is a MASSIVE disease placed upon our body’s when things in our lives seem to go awry, and unfortunately we cannot escape it… But, we can learn how to manage it better and lessen the negative side effects of long term stress on the body and mind. Stress if left unattended too long can manifest in all sorts of physical ailments, and it weakens the immune system. So give your body a break and try to manage any stress with a healthy outlet. Such as; breathing meditations, taking a walk, creating art, calling a friend, etc. Try to live in the present and remember that each day we are given is a new beginning if we want it. Need Ideas on how to manage stress? 

Learn some of the breathing techniques I personally found very helpful by watching the videos below.

Breathing for Immunity

Breathing techniques for stress relief 


Pointer #6 Drink Water (make it a habit)

Water is no doubt one hell of a tool to have when you’re worried about possibly contracting a virus that could potentially really harm your wellbeing. Why? Water is crazy important to all cellular and bodily functions. Humans are made of about 70% water, so when we are dehydrated our entire body suffers and in turn we allow for invaders to more easily penetrate our body’s natural  immune system defenses. Staying hydrated with good clean water is important. It is a good thing to know that not all water is created equally. Some are just recycled sewage water cleaned with chemicals and then re-mineralized by add-ins. The best water to get is mountain spring water, this has naturally occurring minerals and usually has such a fresh crisp taste. I know some folks can have a hard time getting in the required amount- but with a little creativity and dedication I just know you can figure it out. What I did personally is, I went to the herb shop and got some herbs good for special things specific to my health concerns. Such as being restless at night, needing clarity of mind, etc. I just looked around online and found some things I could add into my water to make it more “exciting: and now I am hooked on making tinctures that are just water with some stuff floating in it. The aromas produced xand the ritual of making a cup has become very important to me and I find it therapeutic. 

Watch some videos I find helpful on the topic of water 

Lemon ginger water

The importance of water 


Did you find this article helpful? What part did you like most? Or did you find that you disagree with what I am saying? Let’s discuss! I love hearing from a genuine audience. Whatever the case may be, I am appreciative of you being here and reading my blog. I love to help people and share knowledge that I believe could improve the lives of others. Please follow me on my Instagram and Twitter for more Live Pine Pointers and other health related content  


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